Lawyers for a People's Vote has been established to support the calls for a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal negotiated by the UK Government.  

We have all learned so much since the 2016 Referendum about the full implications of leaving the EU and the profoundly damaging toll it will take on our nation, our legal collaborations and the quality of people's lives.  I firmly believe that there should be a new opportunity to vote - a People's vote - on any deal, especially the no deal option, which would be such a calamity. I hope many other lawyers come on board.

Baroness Helena Kennedy of the Shaws QC

I am delighted that so many lawyers are coming out in support of a People’s Vote. The arguments in favour of one are overwhelming. It would be quite wrong for such a major constitutional change to take place without public consultation.

The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP


Lawyers for a People's vote have been working hard to make sure that people have access to accurate, understandable information about the legal implications of Brexit—from human rights, to trade law, to parliamentary procedure.

Many of our members have dedicated their time and expertise by writing articles for national publications, in the belief that a well-informed public can make the best decisions. 

Here is a recent selection: 

"To make Brexit happen, Boris needs to work with the Eurocrats he’s insulted. Fat chance they’ll help him now" — Felicity Williams, 8th August 2019 (The Independent)


"A people’s vote remains the best way to get through Brexit impasse" — Lawyers for a People's Vote's open letter, 5th July 2019 (the Guardian)


"As a professor of law, I am convinced John Bercow's Brexit decision is correct" — Thom Brooks, Dean and Chair in Law and Government, Durham Law School, 19th March 2019 (The Independent)

"Legal challenges have revealed that Brexit puts our democracy at risk" — Joel Baccas and Liz Webster, 11th March 2019 (Brexit Shambles)

"Vote Leave cheated in the 2016 Brexit vote – how would we stop them doing it again?" — Felicity Williams and Chevan Ilangaratne, 5th March 2019 (The Independent)


"Fixing Brexit: How the UK's parliamentary system can solve our political crisis" — Jonathon Cooper and Felicity Williams, 1st March 2019 (The Independent)


"Let the people judge whether a Brexit deal is fit for purpose" Lawyers  for a People's Vote's open letter, 5th November 2018 (the Guardian)



In recent weeks, Lawyers for a People's Vote have publicly backed two important legal opinions, issued by top lawyers, related to Brexit. Please click the buttons below to learn more.

12 March: Lord David Anderson KBE QC, Jason Coppel QC and Sean Aughey—three of Britain’s most senior experts in European and international law—declare that the measures announced in Strasbourg “do not come close” to meeting the tests set for Theresa May by backbench critics of her Brexit deal. 


16 March: Lord David Anderson KBE QC, Jason Coppel QC, Sam Wordsworth QC and Sean Aughey reject the government's arguments that a post-Brexit UK might terminate the Northern Ireland backstop. They say the legal ruse is "plainly wrong" and "adds nothing of value".

In addition, Lawyers for a People's Vote are preparing a small series of briefing papers on the legal impact of Brexit in some key areas:



Jonathan Cooper OBE
Jas Purewal


The need to demonstrate support for a People's Vote has never been greater! Please join us in marching on Saturday 19th October. You can register your support here, find out about travel arrangements here, and search here for news of local groups attending from your area. Information for opportunities to volunteer on the march can be found here.










This Brexit crisis has now come down to a simple question about whether we live in a democracy: can we allow Boris Johnson to force No Deal - or another vicious form of Brexit - on our country, without all of us having our voice heard?

The only way to break the deadlock in Parliament, legitimise the outcome and allow us all to talk about something else,

is to give the people the final say.


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